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It’s more than just paint, it’s added protection for your tenants

Within any social housing, it’s vital to choose paint with the correct properties and to bear in mind that you might have to use a number of products in different locations. For example, mould-inhibiting paints are often a good option for bedrooms, particularly in properties for tenants with children. Whilst choosing a fire-retardant paint such as Timonox is also a smart choice in corridors and stairwells, particularly if the property is a flat.

Crown Paints Home Decorating Scheme Portal

For over 10 years Crown Paints has been providing Social Housing tenants with the help and support they need to improve the homes of residents. If you want clear and simple advice on decorating any home or choosing paint products, then our Home Decorating Scheme is right up your street. Recently in addition to our existing scheme we have introduced an on-line portal for Housing Associations and Councils to use instead as an alternative.

Home decorating scheme offer:

  • Simple pack options, 11 packs each covering a different housing requirement
  • Professional trade quality paint
  • Home Decorating Scheme colour booklet featuring 50 of the most popular colours
  • Opportunity to streamline the colour options by opting for one of our standardised colour pallets consisting of either 5, 10 or 15 colours.
  • Professional service via our Crown Decorating Centres, including Click & Collect & Delivery fulfilment options
  • Discount card provided to each customers to support their decorating projects.
  • Browse at www.crowndecoratingcentres.co.uk
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