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Escape encapsulates the moments of letting go and releasing reality through sensory diversions. Retro influences and a playfulness shine through in the candy colours that contrast with more recent terracotta tones to create a vibrant palette. It’s a modern viewpoint on nostalgia and escapism that delivers understated quirkiness and a touch of the surreal.

Take a trip down memory lane

Let your senses take a nostalgic trip and escape from reality into a sugar-coated dream land. Dive into the memories of hazy summer days at your ultimate holiday destination or into a make-believe land of your favourite feel-good movie.

Joyful spaces with retro colour combinations

Escape’s mustard is reminiscent of the 70s, combined with the more recent terracotta tones, it creates a dream palette. Creating escapism in the everyday is a great way to ensure joyful spaces, complemented with the retro and European influences of this palette. The use of pink in this scheme brings positivity and an element of youthful wonder.

Colour proportions

Saturated pastels paired with vintage teal and retro minty green with sweet pinks and faded red. Accents of joyful yellow, brings playfulness and beauty for a fully immersive, sensory effect.

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