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Your choice of colour shows how much you care

In short, whether it’s used in a hospital, surgery or care home setting, the right colour can not only produce an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation for patients, but also help to deliver clear wayfinding and zoning.

This makes choosing the right paint essential, and no one is better placed to help you than Crown Paints.

Our consultants and specification teams can advise professionals on the best paint products and colours to use. We’re here to make sure every healthcare setting strikes the perfect tone for healthcare professionals, patients and residents.

Services for Healthcare

Here at Crown, we know that the best way to provide you with the most effective products is by personally understanding your needs.

Whatever the care environment, we’re here to help

Colour Choice

Colour has an important role to play in defining Hospital zone areas, creating floor plans or producing guide maps. Signage can be colour-coded to help visitors find end locations more easily. Whilst walls can be flooded with the colours specific to each zoned area.

If large areas need to be covered, a diluted softer tone will often be used. Or you might see a base colour applied across the hospital, drawing on neutral tones such as grey, cream or stone – with more saturated colours used to highlight specific key areas. Employ colour in bands, blocks or stripes and you not only create a striking design feature, but a clear, user friendly way-finding solution.

Healthcare Colour Book

Utilising the power of colour within the healthcare sector can help to promote rest and healing, creating a relaxing environment. Download the Healthcare Colour Book for advice from our colour experts.

Colour Knowledge Hub

Our team of experts are on hand to offer their help and advice on utilising colour to its full effect.

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