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Dedicated to making a difference

The Foundation is the sole owner of the Hempel Group – an ownership structure that is unique in the coatings industry, and in most industries around the world.

It serves a dual purpose. Its key mandate being to provide a solid economic base for The Hempel Group, while the foundation’s second purpose is more philanthropic and provides support for cultural, social, humanitarian, scientific and artistic purposes around the world.

In its philanthropic work, the Foundation focuses its efforts on three main areas: empowering children living in poverty to learn; promoting independent research within sustainable coatings science and technology; and sustaining nature’s biodiversity. The Foundation’s contribution in these areas is something every Hempel employee can be proud of.

The Hempel Foundation’s latest project in Peru aims to develop and implement bilingual education, so the children have a better chance of understanding the teacher.

Helping children around the world

One of the key focuses for The Hempel Foundation is to aid the education of children in need who have little access to the necessary resources, including:

  • Helping child labourers to pursue education: More than 72 million children today do not attend school at all. A major focus for The Hempel Foundation is to remove as many children from labour and provide support for them to spend their youth in a learning environment instead.
  • Improving local schools: 350 million of the children who do receive an education only have access to poor quality instruction. A bad education can almost be worse than none at all, which is why The Hempel Foundation dedicates some of the resources to improving the standard of local schools.
  • Building new schools: Lack of access to schools is one of the main barriers to many children gaining an education. As such, The Hempel Foundation aims to highlight areas where this is the case and build and continue to support new schools worldwide.
  • After school and education clubs for those in need: Sometimes the best way to help is to provide after school and education clubs. This can supplement and help to improve the education they already receive, or provide the opportunity to learn for those who can’t do so within conventional times and institutions.

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