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A colour name might offer us an emotional description, but it will always be open to interpretation. That’s why it’s far more helpful to have a physical sample of your colour, or better still, one that also has its own scientifically measured code.

That’s why every colour in the Crown Paints Fandeck is assigned a unique 6-digit SCAN® code, which defines the colour by three characteristics: Hue, Lightness and Saturation.

The Fandeck is also split into groups of three pages, which showcase hues from the same colour family. The first page shows pure, highly saturated tones, the second page more muted shades and the third page the least saturated shades. And finally, each page is arranged in order of lightness from top to bottom. Order your Fandeck today and make colour reference so much easier.

Crown Paints Fandeck

Order your copy of the Crown Paints Fandeck right now to get:

  • A handy colour reference guide
  • Samples of over 1400 colours
  • Unique 6-digit SCAN® codes
  • Colours defined by hue, lightness and saturation
  • Identify the right colour in an instant

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