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Create a smarter learning zone

Heavy traffic in areas such as corridors requires hard-wearing paint, while classrooms need to aid students’ concentration and productivity as they take on a greater workload. Colour can create the right ambience for everything from private study to group activities – and our colour experts can help secondary schools to find the right mix.

Enlighten them with colour

Secondary schools and colleges are more focussed on studying and learning, so teaching walls within classrooms are ideally suited for a feature wall colour.

Not only does this draw attention to the teacher, but a feature wall can also help to prevent eye strain. After concentrating on one particular area for a long period of time, a subconscious action of lifting the head and staring at a distance enables the eye to change focus and relax. The majority of text written on a smart board is black on a white background, which is a high-contrast combination. Therefore, a feature wall of about 50LRV on the teaching wall means the eye doesn’t have to make too much of an adjustment after looking at the text for long periods of time.

In common spaces, embracing school colours within the design of corridors and circulation areas can encourage a sense of belonging amongst pupils, adding interest to larger spaces.

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