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You love it, we'll match it

We all have a favourite colour but if you can’t find your perfect match, we can simply create it for you.

Our advanced colour matching technology gives you an exact match every time, offering a truly personal service.

Coming to a store near you soon…

We are in the process of rolling out the new technology, so if it's not in your local store it will be soon. For more information tel: 0330 024 0296 or email: crm.team@crownpaints.co.uk

We are in the process of updating our colour service

Our upgraded colour mixing system will offer:

Colour Quality

  • Deeper, more vibrant colour in fewer coats
  • Lightfast pigments for longer lasting colour inside and out
  • Improved colour consistency between finishes

Colour Choice

  • Greater choice of colours across the whole spectrum
  • Extended range of Sadolin® and Sandtex® colours
  • Advanced colour matching technology

How this will affect you

With any change in product formulation, there is a chance that there might be a slight difference in the finished colour

If you are working on a large or long-term contract, we recommend that you:

  • Buy all the paint you need for the whole project
  • Identify a natural breakpoint where any subtle difference in colour cannot be noticed i.e.
    – One building to the next
    – One floor to the next

Although snagging isn’t generally good practice, there are occasions where it is necessary.

Hold back some of the originally tinted paint for areas painted with pre-changeover paint.

Best practice is to stop, make good, spot/patch prime as appropriate, bring forward as appropriate then apply a single coat to the whole elevation.

It is recommended that you advise your customer that the colour may be slightly different to that which they have bought previously.

We recommend that you confirm with your client that they are happy with the colour as it now appears.

Always follow Crown Paints’ standard recommendation to ensure colour accuracy before application.

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