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A strong design statement, or any decor that might cause a strong reaction, is generally well worth avoiding – as is a boring middle of the road approach. Which is why neutral or subtle tones are often preferred. They provide for a harmonious, relaxing scheme, and allow you to express your creative flair without being too offensive.

It’s more than just a hotel room

It’s also worth remembering that hotel rooms are multifunctional too, becoming mini homes and a place to eat, sleep and dine. This means your bedrooms have to support a healthy sleeping pattern, which can require blackout curtains and blinds to reduce light pollution. Human centric lighting in turn gently prepares us for waking and sleeping, whilst textures and fabrics can provide acoustic control.

Sleep, after all, is essential for everyday functioning. If we get too little it can lead to a host of negative symptoms. So, in terms of colour, while there are no set rules, a restful low intensity colour or something not highly stimulating is of real benefit. For simplicity, we advise you use clean lines and minimal patterns on the walls to create a restful environment. A space of calm and restoration.

Colour Palettes for Hotels

Hotel M60

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