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With calming, earthy tones that pay homage to heritage, craftsmanship and quality, Pivot is an antidote to today’s fast paced, high-consumption world. The rich, warm tones in the palette evoke the use of natural and re-purposed materials – breathing new life into the old to create a comforting environment.

Quiet beauty and timeless elegance

Pivot is a strong, classic palette, inspired by heritage and culture yet there is also a tactile, practical feel. It’s a warm, earthy and delicious palette, which evokes comfort and coffee morning memories.

Rescue and reuse beauty from bygone days

A key driver for Pivot is the designers who are seeking to repurpose materials and are turning to quiet, well-constructed designs as a way to preserve, reflect and to re-instil creative thinking. Think slow fashion, traditional, familiar materials and carefully considered design.

Colour proportions

Carefully curated and well balanced. Heavily based on tans and warm neutrals with red undertones, paired with dark muted blue-greys and cherry wood.

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