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We understand that the paints you specify not only have to withstand the general wear and tear associated with high-occupancy buildings, including knocks and scrapes, but also cope with regular and intensive cleaning regimes.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a range of products specifically for the commercial sector. Products like our anti-bacterial and scrubbable paints, which help you to provide a well-maintained, pleasant workspace, and foster good staff morale and project a positive view of the company.

Keeping paintwork clean and fresh is every bit as important as the colour you choose. Furthermore, by choosing paint products that retain their ‘just painted’ look and feel for longer, you’ll also be reducing the maintenance burden of your workplace.

Services for the Commercial sector

Here at Crown, we know that the best way to provide you with the most effective products is by personally understanding your needs.

Create cleaner, safer working environments

Colour Choice

When it comes to specifying colour, it pays to give careful consideration to the purpose of each area of the building. Colour can be used to inspire creative ideas, increase productivity or help employees rest, so your meeting rooms, for example, will require a very different scheming to a factory floor or break area. Incorporating corporate branding and colours can also help to create a sense of identity in the workspace.

Commercial Colour Book

Utilising the power of colour within offices, factories or warehouses can help to promote rest and healing, creating a relaxing environment. Download the Commercial Colour Book for advice from our colour experts.

Colour Knowledge Hub

Our team of experts are on hand to offer their help and advice on utilising colour to its full effect.

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