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The university challenge

Our colour studio can advise on a suitable palette and help you find the right product to suit the needs of any educational space.

Architectural styles, after all, can often differ dramatically on a single campus – with contemporary buildings requiring crisp and clean colours against a neutral backdrop, and historical spaces suiting richer, more muted tones.

Broadening minds with colour

In teaching spaces, colour can be used to encourage productivity and creativity. Eye strain can be helped by using a mid-toned colour on the teaching walls as it helps to rebalance the eye after staring at black and white text.

Transitional spaces such as entrances and exits are likely to benefit from mid-toned walls, which help the eye adjust from the darkness of a lecture hall to the outside world. Corridors can be more colourful to engender a positive atmosphere and connect different spaces.

Libraries and quiet study areas often suit cool colours, either light or dark, which promote a sense of calm and help to encourage private study. These hues can be paired with neutral shades for a quiet, balanced scheme.

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