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Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist
Jemma Saunders Crown Colour Specialist

Onwards and upwards

Looking for a calming stairway palette? Get upwardly mobile with this harmonious blend of muted dark blues, subdued greens and cool neutrals

A rising star

This utilitarian part of the home can still be a thing of beauty. Combine soothing beiges with desaturated dark blues and whites to create a brighter, more inviting space.

C3840E Sail White
M0181R Victorian Eclectic 15

Step it up

Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your staircase. Step things up by pairing a dark, low intensity colour with white walls and a rich gold bannister.

A stairway to heaven

These colours may be at the opposite ends of the colour wheel, but they make for a sumptuous stairway palette full of warmth and elegance.

Elevate the mood

As this dusky brown, grey and white ensemble shows, stairways should never be overlooked as an opportunity to fashion the perfect mood.

Classic contrast

Staircases serve dual purposes: they have to be both welcoming and functional. So it’s a great idea to marry the two with a classic fusion of light neutrals and muted dark colours.

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