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Create an environment for learning

When it comes to specifying paint, you not only have to consider the right products for your institution’s settings, you need to give careful thought to how colour can develop the right environment for study, growth and personal achievement.

At Crown Paints we can ensure you have the right mix for your educational environment. One that helps you manage the maintenance cycle and use colour more thoughtfully, so you can enhance wayfinding, provide zoning and foster an atmosphere that boosts productivity and aids concentration.

Products for the education sector…

At Crown Paints, we have an extensive range of products to meet the challenges and requirements of various facilities within the education sector:

Services for education

Here at Crown, we know that the best way to provide you with the most effective products is by personally understanding your needs.

Education Colour Palettes

Colour choice

As so much of a young person’s  life is spent in education, it is important they feel comfortable in their surroundings. It’s a well known fact that well maintained schools are less likely to be vandalised and sometimes a few basic considerations can make all the difference.

When people retain some control over their environment they immediately become more comfortable and relaxed. For young children, it can be as simple as personalising a coat hook, locker or classroom drawer. For older children, taking ownership and personalising one small area can help establish a deeper connection to the school and the classroom.

It can be helpful to plan an overall colour palette which lends itself to ease of maintenance. Depending on the size of the school or education facility a palette should consist of a few base colours for broad wall areas, trim colours and feature walls colours. A bespoke palette can ensure fluidity throughout the facility, avoid monotony, and achieve a cohesive and well balanced scheme.

Education Colour Book

Utilising the power of colour within the education sector can significantly improve productivity and encourage learning. Download the Education Colour Book for advice from our colour experts.

Education M60

Our education M60 specifications for new build and refurbishments are available to download, ensuring that you are specifying the right products for your project.

Colour Knowledge Hub

Our team of experts are on hand to offer their help and advice on utilising colour to its full effect.

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