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Choosing colour? Now you can do it by the book.

The Interior Colour Book covers a wide range of topics, encompassing everything from Inclusive Colour and Colour Psychology to Paint Application, and offers a fantastic point of reference, even if you’re just dipping into its individual sections.

Let us colour your thinking

Colour, after all, is a vital part of our lives and essential across so many industries. Since ancient times civilisations have gone to incredible lengths to learn, understand and recreate it – and it never stops evolving. There have been many developments to categorise and capture colour, so our knowledge of colour will continue to grow.

We hope to share a small part of it in the Interior Colour Book.

Interior Colour Book

This book provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding every aspect of interior colour. An essential source of knowledge for any design professional’s library.

  • Explore colour psychology
  • Colour & Dementia
  • Colour & Autism
  • How colour has evolved and changed
  • A guide to colour scheming
  • Design by function
  • How to use colour to create inclusive environments

Explore Colour