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Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist

Cleanse your palette

Earthy yellow tones with the crispness of Snow Fall is a comforting blend that reassures diners with a foodie ambience.

Dine in comfort

For a formal sumptuous setting with an air of neutrality, consider pairing deep red brown with the Smoked Glass grey.

A mouthwatering mix

Taupe and mushroom shades provide subtle sophistication and a less is more approach – neutral tones that are pared back and understated.

Feed the soul

If you’re looking to inject some warmth into the dining space, warm greys and blush orange bring an appetising flavour of the Mediterranean.

Keep it tasteful

The sophisticated tones of Gramophone are a nod to a bygone era and when paired with a neutral cream, create an environment that would be more suited to older clientele.

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