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The key to any successful waste operation is an efficient logistics system. Waste disposal is a dynamic subject and it is more important now than ever before that organisations are alert to the changes within the industry and adapt quickly and accordingly to ensure the best results are obtained.

The most significant element of the hierarchy is the creation of waste, avoiding this wherever possible will have the most significant impact on operations. If nothing is generated then there is nothing to throw away! The reuse of potential waste requires imagination and innovation in order to have any significant impact, this can result in a dramatic reduction of volume and cost of disposal.

Recycling waste is the most common prevention measure to avoid disposal and the company is always reviewing the various waste streams to ensure the best option is being utilised.

Refining the process is a never-ending task at Crown Paints we will endeavour to keep looking for every opportunity to improve our performance and reduce our impact on the environment by constantly minimising the use of resources and disposal of waste.

Can Back Scheme

So, what do we do to ensure we are managing our waste as responsibly as possible? Let us introduce you to Can Back.

In 2013, we introduced Can Back, our paint can recycling scheme. Although performing well, in early 2021 we decided to take the plunge and extend the scheme, to now allow customers to bring back ANY paint can from ANY paint manufacturer, to be recycled by us, completely free of charge at one of our stores.

Across 2020 alone we saw more than 200 tonnes of plastic recycled thanks to the scheme – this year though, we KNOW we can do more.

The premise of the Can Back scheme is simple. Once paint cans have done their job and are empty, decorators and contractors can bring these back to a CDC and make use of our no questions asked recycling service. The only catch, cans must be clean and dry, with no more than 1cm of dried paint left.

How the scheme works

Once collected in store, cans are brought back to one of our manufacturing sites – on lorries which have delivered stock to store, thus meaning no additional transpiration is required – where the reprocessing work begins.

The process for all the paint packaging can be broken down into 3 simple steps for recycling: 

  • Scrape out paint remnants
  • Leave to ensure completely dry
  • Bale to go to recyclers

From there the metal and plastic makes its way to one of our third party suppliers, where the materials and recycled into new products for onward use.

At Crown Paints, we are extremely proud of the great work we are doing across the business to be as sustainable as possible in our day to day. We’d love for all our customers to help us on our mission too. Ask your local sales person how you can be involved today!

Benefits of recycling

Reduce Waste

Environmentally Friendly

Save Time

Save Money