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Turn a house into a home with colour

Of course, you have more things to consider than which products to use when specifying for housing. Your choice of colour is key, and it’s important to take into account more than just practicality – with colour playing a vital role in creating a liveable atmosphere.

At Crown Paints, our colour consultants and specification teams can assist housing associations, new build developers, private landlords and interior designers in selecting the ideal product, as well as making the right colour choice for any housing project.

Services for Housing

Here at Crown, we know that the best way to provide you with the most effective products is by personally understanding your needs.

Create a better living environment

Colour choice

Colour. It not only affects every aspect of our daily lives. It’s subconsciously the driving force behind much of our decision making too. That’s maybe why choosing a colour for the interior of a house can be such a daunting prospect. There’s such a plethora of colours available to you, after all. Where do you begin? As a rule of thumb, we suggest you always start your colour choice from the entrance of the property, whether that be a hallway or a front room. That way colours can then flow outwards from room to room in total harmony.

Housing Colour Book

If you’re in the housing sector and want to see how colour can help you create more comfortable and relaxing living environments, read on…

Colour Knowledge Hub

Find out from our team of knowledgeable experts how you can use colour to its full effect.

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