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Practicalities of paint for public spaces

Busy local authority spaces such as libraries and museums tend to be high-traffic areas, so you have to take a practical approach when selecting which paint products to use. Paints that are anti-bacterial and easy to clean are naturally important considerations, as is the use of fire-retardant paints for any corridors and stairwells.

Beyond the product itself, local authority buildings may also be historic or even listed. So it is important to be sensitive when choosing colour schemes, as you consider what is both practical and fitting with the style of the building.

Services for Local Authority

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Create the right environment in Local Authority buildings

Colour Choice

With local authority buildings varying in architectural style, scale and function, selecting the right colour palette requires careful consideration.

Is the building Grade I or II listed, for example? Are there any architectural features to factor into the colour scheme, like brass fittings or original paintings? Is the building open to the general public or for employees only? Every detail matters.

If you’re looking to preserve the stylistic integrity, it’s often advisable to opt for a historic colour palette. Colour application too can help to emphasise notable architectural features. Or you might want to consider the latest colour trends, to add an element of personality to your local authority buildings or create an ambient workplace for employees.

Local Authority Colour Book

Utilising the power of colour for Local Authority buildings is essential for achieving an appropriate environment for the sector. Download the Local Authority Colour Book for advice from our colour experts.

Colour Knowledge Hub

Our team of experts are on hand to offer their help and advice on utilising colour to its full effect.

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