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Brighten rooms and minds

As well as guiding primary school head teachers and estates managers towards hard-wearing paint products that can stand everything from heavy traffic to being scrubbed clean, we can advise on the right colours to create a home-from-home for primary school children.

A lesson about primary colours

Younger children tend to dismiss greys, browns and neutrals in favour of a more vibrant palette. They respond better to bright and cheerful colours that reflect their energy levels. However, the key for a successful interior in primary schools is to combine exciting hues with lighter, more neutral shades so you achieve a balanced environment.

Keeping saturated colours to feature areas works well in primary school buildings. As furnishings, flooring and school uniform already add to the colour scheme, brightly painted walls can often result in overcomplicated and busy spaces. Often within primary schools, creative play and social activities are encouraged, so certain areas will also benefit from warmer shades.

It’s important to keep in mind that while heavily saturated colours may catch the attention of younger children, they are not necessarily conducive to a learning environment. In addition, the overuse of stimulating colours can result in hyperactive children, therefore, they need to be balanced with calmer shades.

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