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We can prescribe the perfect paint

Healthcare trusts and surgery partners can turn to us to find a suitable colour palette. Whatever the style or age of your building, we’re sensitive to the specific needs of different surgeries and can advise on specific products, including mould-inhibiting paints for washrooms or scrubbable paints for waiting rooms and corridors.

Why colour matters in surgeries

The most important factor in any surgery is that consultation rooms must have access to good natural daylight. This allows the doctor to easily assess their patient’s skin tone, which presents a vital clinical clue on many illnesses.

Whilst the introduction of colour certainly adds interest into a design, be wary about using very strong colours on walls within consultation rooms. Critically, the wall colour near or behind the patient must not reflect colour onto the patient’s skin and hinder diagnosis. For these spaces, keep walls neutral to avoid colour casts.

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