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Think fire protection. Think Crown Paints.

Paint is a key factor of any fire risk assessment – with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England & Wales) and the Fire (Scotland) Act both outlining the potential hazard of flame spread on painted surfaces.

Building owners have a duty of care regarding fire safety. But by using specialised paint products and other safety precautions, the risks can be minimised and buildings are able to stay within the current regulations.

All of which makes the expertise of Crown Paints even more crucial.

Why use Crown Trade Timonox?

When multiple layers of conventional paint combine to make a previously non-combustible surface extremely dangerous, they can burn and spread fire rapidly.

To improve the fire rating of painted surfaces requires specially formulated flame retardant paints, like Crown Trade Timonox.

With a formulation that offers unparalleled flame retardant properties, the Timonox range is both cost-effective and compliant with all current BS and European fire test standards. And rest assured, even if the British Standard tests are phased out, Timonox will still meet all future regulations.

The specification of Timonox paint systems is complex and depends on legislative requirements and guidance. In order for the correct system to be specified there is a need to understand any existing coating history as well as the adhesion of any such decoration. For assistance in ensuring the most appropriate fire tested system is used please contact us.

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Timonox gives you total peace of mind

Timonox can be applied to new combustible or non-combustible surfaces to provide excellent flame retardant properties and maintain the fire rating of the construction.

One option when upgrading is to remove existing coatings back to a non-combustible surface, especially where adhesion has been problematic. At this point, Timonox should be applied (and re-applied for future redecoration) to prevent a further cycle of fire performance degradation starting.

Upgrading existing coatings

Where existing coatings are sound, a Timonox flame retardant overcoating system may be adequate to achieve the required fire rating. Depending on the coating history, a higher performing Timonox upgrade system may be necessary. Furthermore, whilst the additional use of non-flame retardant coatings would begin the cycle of downgrading the fire rating, the subsequent and continued use of Timonox will maintain the desired rating when used in future redecorations.

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