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Solutions is a thought-provoking and environmentally conscious palette, brought to life through a range of both bold and soft tones. At its core is an appreciation of organic forms, textures and imperfections found in nature-derived materials, combined with the modernity of new innovations.

Designed to make you stop and think.

This theme explores simple solutions to complicated problems, specifically how design can learn from and protect our natural environment. Driven by nature, the palette consists of rich, warm terracottas, hazy hues of water and mossy green tones.

Driven by nature

Sage green is combined with fresh blue and coral. It’s not typical practice to combine these colours, but doing so demonstrates the movement into reuse and recycle. The Solutions palette reflects the rise in products combining recycled materials that carry a variety of shades, such as within terrazzo. These flow seamlessly into a socially-conscious world.

Colour proportions

Warm saturated terracotta is paired with slightly washed and desaturated blues, greens and neutrals, with small accents of brighter blue and green shades inspired by materials such as sea and river glass.

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