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The Crown Paints ColourKey

Crown ColourKey is a pocket colour scanning device that will make it so much easier for you to match any colour from Crown’s database. Whether you’re at home, in your office or on site, you now have a measurement and lookup tool that will put the right colour at your fingertips.

  • More colour choice and better match results when compared to similar tools in the market
  • Advanced optical lens and high CRI white LEDs for over 92% first time accuracy
  • Match to Crown Paints colours, British Standard,RAL and NCS
  • ColourKey will also give you suggested colour schemes to choose from

How it works

Managed through an app on your Smartphone, ColourKey uses advanced LED technology to help you measure any colour, on any surface, and get the closest paint colour match from a database of thousands (including British Standard, RAL and NCS, as well as Crown Paints colours). You’ll have the paint library results instantly at hand, along with the LRV, HEX, RGB, Lab, LCH and CMYK values, plus a range of suggested colour schemes.

Bring your ideas to life

Our easy-to-use visualizer feature is your new go-to for paint projects, helping you to decide which shades suit your specification quickly and effortlessly. Simply upload a photo of the space or choose from our image library to test out as many colours as you like at the click of a button, until you find one that perfectly complements your project.

Crown Paints ColourKey

Download the ColourKey app today and match colours in seconds!

  • A pocket colour scanning device
  • Measure any surface colour and receive the best match from a database of thousands of colours
  • Create colour schemes around your colour with our Coordinate Colours feature
  • View additional colour data, such as LRV, RGB and CMYK values
  • Save your colour to a personal colour palette and share with colleagues

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