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Flake sampling is an integral part of the Timonox process that enables us to specify the right system for a specific property’s build-up of paint. However, whilst systems may need a straightforward overcoat, others might demand a full upgrade.

To identify the situations where flake samples are genuinely required therefore, we have created this simple decision-making flowchart:

For consistency, we will apply this approach whenever we need to decide if sampling is required.

Please note: Adhesion must always be assessed as sound. Any information relating to the age of a property and the coatings history must come from the client themselves and be confirmed in writing (email as minimum). It is mandatory that this information be recorded in the Timonox substrate surveys as a permanent record.


There may be occasions when the application of a Timonox System needs to be checked retrospectively. In this event, we are happy to provide the expertise as a chargeable service.

Please note: Practical time and geographic constraints will apply. Half day is the minimum available service.

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