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Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist


Soft greys and the freshness of Sail White combine to give this bedroom a restful feel that’s welcoming, mellow and reassuring.

Morning glow

With the uplifting tones of Parsonage Cream and Sail White, this palette lends itself to a contemporary bedroom that benefits from natural light.

Rise and shine

Why not explore the use of signature colours and create a warm grey feature wall and complement with Sail White for that minimalist modern ambience?


Tap into the feminine shades of blush and rouge and add a Dash of Nutmeg to break up the space with light and shade.

X5310X Always Orchid
C3840E Sail White
A8630D Dash of Nutmeg


For something softer and less intrusive, opt for gentle greys, Sail White and introduce a pastel rouge to frame the room and provide a reassuring focal point.

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