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Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist
Jemma Saunders Crown Colour Specialist


Blend green blues with whites to introduce a sense of calm and fluidity to the busiest social housing corridors.


Corridors can often be sterile, characterless areas. But with a hint of beige and a touch of teal, that unappealing passageway can look infinitely more inviting.

C3840E Sail White
M0181R Victorian Eclectic 15


Use light neutrals to create a balanced and airy corridor aesthetic that drives the focus towards the connecting rooms.


Create your own corridors of power. Add vibrant earthy tones to a feature wall to inject real warmth and vibrancy.

Go with the flow

Use immersive, dark colours on one wall to draw the eye through your corridor space and keep everything flowing beautifully.

Open up

Combine fresh light tones with dark blue flourishes to open things up and make even the narrowest of corridors appear visually larger.

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