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Breaking boundaries, togetherness and joy are the foundations of the Community palette. Invigorating spaces and bringing colour to the forefront, Community brings life and excitement with brave colours, high contrast, bold patterns and colour blocking.

It's ok to be different

Craft is both an art form and an activity that can bring a sense of joy and wellbeing to our daily lives and into our communities. Binding communities together, colour and art can be used to reconnect and create a sense of awe-inspiring creativity, firing our imaginations.

A room becomes a piece of art

Creating uplifting environments through the brave use of strong, bold colours and patterns, together with exciting and unusual colour applications, can turn even the dullest of spaces into exhilarating and inspiring community hubs, both in residential and commercial buildings.

Colour proportions

The colour palette includes near primary red, yellow and green, as well as hot pink for strong accents joined by gentle pink and blue pastel shades.

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