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Creating a Five Star Hospitality Setting Starts with the Right Paint Specification

2 January 2021

Hospitality venues have, by their very nature, large volumes of different people using them day after day, so it’s essential to consider how a rigorous cleaning regime will affect the wall paints and coatings specified, particularly in high traffic areas. Specifiers and interior designers need to create colour schemes which set the right tone for visitors and create the warm, welcoming environment hospitality venues are looking for – specifying durable paints ensures the colours will stay fresh and speak for themselves.rnrn 

Creating colourful spaces

rnFor hotels and leisure settings, getting the right colour mix is vital – whether that’s creating a relaxing ambience in hotel rooms, spa facilities or restaurants, or incorporating elements of branding, colour should not be neglected.rnrnWith lots of different people using hospitality venues day in, day out, it’s important to strike the right balance between creating an expressive, trend-led interior without it being seen as off-putting or even offensive to other users. It’s also best to steer clear of completely neutral schemes as they can feel lifeless, so using an accent colour combined with neutral shades is an ideal way to deliver that all important balance.rnrnDelving deeper and getting to grips with understanding the psychology of colour in terms of how certain shades and tones can affect a person’s mood or behaviour will also make for more effective colour schemes within the hospitality sector. For example, a gym may demand a bright colour scheme to create a high energy space, while a restaurant would opt for a more subtle, darker colour palette for a relaxing dining experience.

Specialist solutions

rnThe challenge in hospitality venues is to ensure that surfaces retain their ‘just painted’ appearance despite regular and thorough cleaning – which could wear away or otherwise affect the aesthetic of the finish. Our Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt is formulated so that it can be repeatedly scrubbed up to 10,000 times by minimising the amount of paint film that is removed each time.rnrnThe hospitality and leisure sector also has specific areas that demand specialist products, with requirements beyond the need to withstand high traffic and regular cleaning. These include changing facilities, spas, and bathrooms, which are prone to high levels of moisture – and which can lead to the build-up of mould or mildew, in which case our Clean Extreme Mould-inhibiting paint provides the solution. For environments where hygiene is doubly important, such as kitchens and other food preparation areas or even spas, Clean Extreme Anti-Bacterial paint is ideal. It not only inhibits the growth of any bacteria that comes into contact with the surface but also prevents bacteria from multiplying on the paint surface.rnrnEqually, for common areas such as stairwells and corridors, fire safety is just as much a priority and so flame retardant paint products, like our Timonox range, are recommended. Such products are designed to slow the spread of fire across walls and ceilings, making them especially critical for these key circulation areas and routes through which occupants will evacuate in the event of a fire.rnrnOur full range of specialist paints are available in an almost limitless range of colours and can be tinted to any RAL shade, so there’s no need to compromise on colour. Our team of colour experts will work with our clients to create the colour scheme which is right for their project, taking into account the purpose of the building, it’s history and the tastes of the client and end-users. The colour team works in parallel with our product specification managers, enabling us to provide clients with the whole paint package.