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Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist


A luxurious rich dark aubergine against a warm neutral backdrop: it’s the restful colour palette that sweet dreams are made of.

A dream mix

When you want to create an opulent laid-back atmosphere, use low intensity hues like this on-trend olive green and grey putty pairing.

Room for calm

Warm rich gold and smoked glass are perfect bedfellows when it comes to emphasising antiquity and turning the volume down on your hotel colour scheme.

Sleep bright

White is the perfect foil for classic neutrals, when you simply want a blank canvas that induces calm and draws attention to the other features of your room.

B8770Q Parsonage Cream
B0550N Palladian


A deep wine red will not only add an air of stately elegance to your hotel bedrooms but enclose the space to induce rest and relaxation.

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