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Our overall ambition is to radically improve our environmental and social impact, so that our company, customers and colleagues are able to thrive – now and into the future.

we’re putting sustainability first

We’ve committed to a variety of actions across the UK and Ireland, and we’re continually pushing more adventurous sustainability targets across the whole of our business.

Currently, we’re focusing our efforts and commitments where we can have the biggest impact — across our manufacturing and our day-to-day operations.

our big ambitions…

completely carbon neutral

This is no small feat. It includes our factories in Darwen and Hull, our offices and our network of Crown Decorating Centres in the UK and Ireland. Oh, and we’re aiming to have it in place by 2026.

zero waste to landfill

To achieve this by 2026, we’re implementing a comprehensive approach to recycling and circularity across our operations.

planet-first thinking

Sustainability is now a key driver in all product development and innovation.

so, how are we doing?

we will be completely carbon neutral

We have already made great steps towards reaching this ambition. We have switched to 100% renewable energy within our operations, have installed more than 500 solar panels at our Warehouse in Hull (with more to follow) and we have achieved a 7% year-on-year reduction in energy consumption through the use of clever on-site technology. Not only that, but thanks to our clever logistics team we have been able to reduce delivery journeys by a staggering 35,000 miles compared to previous year – that equates to 285,000kg of CO2.

we will send zero waste to landfill

At Crown, we’re dedicated to reducing our total waste generation. Across 2022, we helped more than 4000 trade customers recycle their used metal and plastic paint containers. This saw us recycle over one million cans as part of our amazing ‘Can Back’ scheme. 11,000 delivery pallets were collected and reused, saving 222 tonnes of timber – that’s the equivalent of 60 oak trees. We know, amazing… right?

we are planet-first thinking

At Crown, we like to lead the way. That’s why we’re the first UK paint range to be vegan certified, the first UK paint range with a trace VOC classification (the lowest solvent grouping possible) and the first UK paint manufacturer to achieve 100% recycled packaging.

Download our project possible 
ESG programme

Covering all 5 of our Project Possible pillars, our NEW ESG programme has everything you need to know, plus a little bit more.

This is just the start…

Project Possible promises to make more possible today and every day after. We can’t wait to share all of our amazing work with you.

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