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Spring Into Action With Sandtex

1 January 2021

As Spring approaches, professional decorators are eager to crack on with those outdoor painting projects but exterior masonry is often a little worse for wear after the long winter months. Here are some helpful to tips to help you make the most of the better weather!

Although we are always at risk of April showers, the changing season does usually bring with it a greater opportunity to work outdoors. The days may start to get longer but fading light and drops in temperature still mean that any exterior painting project must be carefully planned to avoid working in less than ideal conditions. Speed is often of the essence but rushing or missing out those vital preparation stages can be a huge mistake and can cost you both time and money.

Bye bye mould

Before any exterior surfaces can be painted, it’s important to check their condition, particularly as exposure to wet and freezing weather conditions can cause serious problems that can affect the quality of the finish if they aren’t dealt with appropriately.

Mould or mildew on exterior surfaces is a common problem and one that won’t simply go away if left untreated, particularly as the mild, wet springtime weather can fuel its growth. Areas that are north-facing and not in direct sunlight can be particularly susceptible to this problem. As it can’t be removed just by using soap and water, it’s worth using Sandtex Fungicidal Wash to pre-treat any areas that are affected before painting begins

Crack on

Moisture ingress caused by heavy rain or snow can also cause hairline cracks to appear as the masonry expands and contracts. These cracks will need to be filled and matched to the surrounding area, and choosing a ready-mixed filler that is quick-drying will help save valuable time on site. Following with flexible masonry paint, such as Sandtex’s High Build Textured Decorative Coating, can also help protect and disguise uneven and unsightly surfaces.

Weather warnings

The quality of the paint finish can be significantly compromised by the weather and in today’s often unpredictable climate, it’s more important than ever to plan for every eventuality. Excessively windy conditions can make work outside, and at height, particularly unsafe but painting in damp, humid or cold temperatures can also be problematic as it can affect drying times and the quality of the finish.

When you need to get the job done quickly while the weather holds, choose a quick-drying water-based masonry paint. Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth Masonry Paint is touch-dry in just one hour so is ideally suited to jobs that require a quick-turn around.

Temperatures can sometimes struggle in the early spring months and most water-based masonry paints are not suitable for application in low temperatures, usually classed as between 5-8 degrees Celsius. For times when the unseasonal weather hits but you still have a job to do, it’s always handy to have a solvent-based product such as Sandtex 365 All Weather Smooth Masonry Paint on the van. Resistant to showers up just 20 minutes and suitable for us in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, it gives reliable results whatever the weather.