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Jemma Saunders Crown Colour Specialist

Leisure Centres: Dance Studio

Feel the rhythm

Neutral dark shades like grey, white, brown and beige contrast seamlessly with the wooden floors of a modern dance studio, to create a cohesive, well balanced colour palette.

And relax

By adding a touch of blue to a predominantly soft white background, you can help to slow down the breathing of your dancers and bring down their blood pressure.

Lets dance

Exuding health and calm, blue toned greens remind us of sunlight on a blue sea. They invoke harmony, balance and stability – the very things a dancer needs to perform to their best.

With confidence

As the colour of the earth, brown epitomises reassurance, stability and reliability. Blend soft browns with off-whites to let your dancers know they’re on safe ground.

A different beat

Yellow is a creative colour, the tone of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Pair dark yellows with soft greys to create a sense of playfulness and lift everyone’s spirits.

Colour Knowledge Hub

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