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Using Colour to Elevate any Interior

5 April 2022

Colour makes a significant impact on the emotions people feel when they walk into a space.

Cool colours, whether light or dark, are great hues to create environments perfect for concentration and focus such as university libraries and study lounges.

Alternatively, intense warm shades like red, orange and yellows can evoke a more emotional response and are popular in more social breakout rooms in offices.

Darker shades can make an area feel more enclosed and private, which can serve a great purpose in a meeting room setting. Whereas lighter colours can open a space and lend themselves perfectly to communal work areas.

And, of course, colour can be used to reflect and enhance natural surroundings or highlight particular design features. Picking the right hues can help ensure your interior designs resonate with the people using the space.

Curating colour

At Crown Paints, we have a passion for colour and that’s why we’ve created a range of resources to help the architecture, designer and specifier community paint its own possible.

We’ve developed a range of curated colour pallets for different spaces including university accommodation, hotel bedrooms and workplaces of the future. These show how architects, designers and specifiers can use colour to reflect specific space requirements.

Fostering creativity

Inspiration can also be found in our Interior Colour Book, a part-educational, part-visual resource, which can help anyone looking to explore colour in all its forms. The book covers topics like colour psychology and how the use of colour has evolved over time, alongside guides to help you do more with colour – such as creating your own colour scheme to building inclusive spaces using colour. Coupled with Crown’s colour samples and colour matching tool Colourkey, it can support all your colour needs.

Meanwhile, we’re also partnering with Material Source Studio, a first-of-its-kind space in the UK, to provide resources on colour and paint application to visitors. The studio, located in Manchester city centre, will offer architects, designers and specifiers in-person insights from over 40 leading brands. Our architect and design teams are working closely with the Material Source team to build a suite of resources to help designers to paint their own possible with colour.