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The Benefits of the Correct Paint Specification In An Industrial Setting

5 April 2022

Demand for industrial space is at an all-time high. For newly developed warehouses, ensuring the correct paint is specified is critical – not just for the paint’s longevity but also to meet health and safety regulations.

The importance of colour

Industrial spaces have some of the strictest health and safety procedures of any commercial space. These vast developments require clear signage and wayfinding to ensure staff, visitors and deliveries are guided to the correct areas to avoid potential accidents.

Using colour correctly can support wayfinding strategies. Paths can be created with bright colours to signpost walkways and access areas for machinery equipment like forklifts. Meanwhile, colour-coding areas of an industrial space can help staff and visitors navigate their way through a warehouse.

Supporting fire safety strategies

Factories and warehouses understandably have extremely stringent fire safety regulations they must adhere to, and paint is increasingly being considered an integral part of any fire risk assessment.

Our Timonox range, which includes specially formulated flame retardant paints, can support fire strategies within warehouses and factories. These paints can be particularly effective for escape routes within buildings, like corridors or stairwells, too.

All products within our range have also been independently tested on a variety of substrates and achieved the highest ratings of Class 0 (BS476 Parts 6 and 7) and Class B (European tests BS EN ISO 11295-2 and BS EN 13823).

And, while these specially formulated paints don’t make the walls and ceilings fire-proof, crucially they can work with other systems to help slow the spread of the fire.

Easy cleaning

The last 18 months have put added pressure on commercial spaces to be kept clean and sanitised. But improving surface hygiene can also result in additional maintenance requirements with the added cleaning regimes.

Our Clean Extreme range can solve a variety of problems caused by regular and rigorous cleaning. For instance, Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt can be repeatedly scrubbed over long periods without deteriorating the finish or appearance of the paint.

The product achieved a Class 1 rating as part of the ISO 11998 industry standard testing method and has a durability level of 10,000 scrubs – a 400% increase in resistance to wet scrubbing when compared with conventional matt emulsion. As a result, it can play a key role in the hygiene of buildings and areas like communal kitchens and bathrooms.

Protecting the exterior

Just like their interior, the exterior of large sheds and warehouses hugely benefit from the correct specification on coatings.

Our Crown Trade Protective Coatings Fast Drying Cladding Finish, for instance, is a high-performance coating system specially developed for weathered metal cladding and provides up to eight years protection.

For the ultimate protection on masonry substrates, our Sandtex Trade-X-Treme X-Posure Smooth Masonry provides up to 20 years protection and can protect against the harshest of elements – making it ideal for factories and warehouses located near shipping ports, for example.

As industrial and warehouse developers battle to meet the rising demand for factory space, the specification of products like the paint used can support strategies to meet critical building regulations.