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Company Product

Exterior Colour Made Easy

1 January 2021

Ever wondered what you need to consider when selecting colours for an exterior project? Our handy new Exterior Colour Book will guide you and your customers effortlessly through the decision-making process.

The book has been carefully put together by our in-house team of colour experts who regularly help painters and decorators with advice on the right colour to suit all kinds of different buildings. As well as putting their joint expertise together as a helpful reference guide, the Exterior Colour Book is packed full of images – providing plenty of inspiration for your next exterior decoration project.

Colour will inevitably have an impact on the exterior of the building but equally important is the context of the building within the local area, especially where any planning regulations are in place, for example in conservation zones. The Exterior Colour Book covers all this and much more with information about the built environment, historical styles, geology, local materials, and regional colours. As well as information about how colour interplays with the surrounding environment and architectural styles, it details how colour can influences people’s sense of place and even their mood and how certain colours will interact with light in different ways.

The new Exterior Colour Book is designed to make it easier for decorators and their customers to make a considered choice in terms of exterior paint colour depending on the specifics of each building within the context of its local setting.

To find out more and request your own copy of our Exterior Colour Book email info@crownpaintspec.co.uk or call 0330 024 0310.