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This trend is a celebration of the exciting technological and manufacturing advancements being made by architects and designers. Layers is a nod to the rising trend for moulded and layered objects which create a sense of fluidity; in the interior there is furniture constructed from layers of coloured wood, with chairs moulded to look like ribbon and sculptures that have no clear edges created from Fordite, a material manufactured from layers upon layers of old car paint.

“Layers was inspired by the stunning colour accumulation of Fordite, a waste product from the car industry. Years of paint layers told a story, and the colour-on-colour effect was key to our trend. The colour palette reflects the deep, jewel tones that Fordite was formed from to appear almost gem-like.”

Lisa Miller – Crown Design Studio

In the exterior, we see the trend for modern modular architecture with buildings that mimic optical illusions with following curved lines that appear to fold into one another. The layering of this trend was captured within the paint application of the photography. Portraying layer upon layer of colours with the palette heavily influenced by the designs that we are seeing.

“Inspired by aspects of conceptual architecture, this collection of colours captures the relationship between structures that define and announce creative solutions. This palette acknowledges the relationship and tension that exist between colours to ultimately create a dynamic pattern that engages with the linear dimensions of a space.”

Neville Knott – Crown Colour Consultant

“Drawing inspiration from modern architecture and contemporary sculptural art pieces, this trend combines ribbons of colours with curved furniture and clean lines in a carefully considered look. By layering colours, we can introduce more colours into a room without compromising its clean and modern look.”

Justyna Korczynska – Crown Design Studio

“Heavily influenced by Fordite and other composite materials, the Layers colour palette is not kept to one or two colour groups, but instead contains a wide range of shades to provide a good contrast between colours and to invite the creation of sometimes unusual colour combinations.”

Justyna Korczynska – Crown Design Studio