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Integrity reflects people’s post-lockdown attitudes. Following the events of the last few months, people are now searching and appreciating balance and a slower pace of life. This new attitude is also reflected in our shopping habits. Aware that products may have travelled for thousands of miles before reaching the shelves, during the past year people have been supporting and helping British manufacturing thrive, with consumers looking for honesty and transparency, especially when it comes to issues of sustainability.

“There is an honesty about the handmade and the crafted, something that is grounding and comforting. Nowadays it is more important than ever that design has the integrity of the hand-crafted coupled with longevity – so designers look to use materials like wood, clay and terracotta that become more aesthetic and precious as they age. Texture from different woods, ceramics and woven fabrics, colours from everyday rocky or urban landscape are shown in the integrity trend.”

Judy Smith – Crown Colour Consultant

Integrity is a reaction to our fast-faced digital world. No longer a pre-Covid throw-away society, people are now looking for beautiful, crafted and natural pieces that will stand the test of time. The colour palette reflects nature with rich, earthy tones and a contrasting palette of blue hues representative of air and water.

“Social and environmental consciousness has become an important factor in our lives, and it influences the choices we make. Products that are locally sourced, carefully crafted and made out of natural materials are becoming more sought after. Those products and materials bring their own colour palette with them. Those colours, mostly inspired by nature and natural materials create calm and harmonious spaces. Honesty and consideration are key aspects in our integrity trend.”

Justyna Korczynska – Crown Design Studio

“This stunning palette takes a collection of strong tones to position nature firmly at its core. Combining cool and warm shades, it creates the perfect environment for natural materials to feel at one with their surroundings. This uncomplicated approach to interiors highlights design, craftsmanship and the relationship that exists between colour and texture.”

Neville Knott – Crown Colour Consultant

“Warm, rich, earthy tones are weaved together with gentle cool blues and muted greens in this nature-inspired palette. Paired with natural wood and rich weaved fabrics they create spaces that convey honesty and comfort.”

Justyna Korczynska – Crown Design Studio

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