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As consumer buying habits continue to have a more considered approach, Conscious shines a light on the beauty that sustainable products and materials have to offer.

Aiming to show that anything can be created from nature without wasting it, the theme of re-purposing is key to the Conscious trend. Inspired by natural materials such as cork, stone, reclaimed brick, sawdust and jute, these materials can all be repurposed and given a new life.

With the demand for more ethically sourced products, our buying choices have become more responsible and considerate as we demand more from the materials we buy. The neutral and earthy colour palettes evoke a feeling of calm and convey stability. This look can be introduced subtly with creams, light browns and greys or for a punchier look, bring in deep and rich burgundy and purple tones.

“Inspired by moulded forms that stand out and integrate with the architecture of the interior, this collection of natural colours is perfect with stripped back wood and patterned textiles to create spaces that make you relax. Simple yet sophisticated, these colours offer a way to interact with the materiality of individual components within the interior.”

Neville Knott – Crown Colour Consultant

“Simplicity, reduction and ethical, carefully considered products are at the core of this trend. It conveys our growth as consumers. We are more responsible and more considerate in our choices and we demand more of the products we choose. The colour palette is very well balanced and conveys stability. Its neutral and earthy tones are inspired by natural materials like stone, brick, jute, sawdust and other plant-based fibres which we’re learning to re-purpose into more ethical products.”

Justyna Korczynska – Senior Graphic Designer

“Materials of everyday waste are transformed and elevated into something beautiful, something useful. Sculptural creations add form against a neutral palette of warming neutrals and earthy browns. Texture adds tactility, combining ground olive stones in paint, furniture made from cork and ornaments using sawdust shavings. Decisions are carefully considered as a conscious effort
is made to understand the provenance of a product, from the raw material through to the process and delivery.”

Jemma Saunders – Crown Colour Specialist