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Workplace: Office

Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist


With the average employee spending a third of their life at work, a palette that fuses together browns, oranges and greys can make the office feel warmer and more relaxing.


Research tells us that improving the workplace can help to increase productivity. So why not introduce a new colour scheme packed with natural tones to make staff feel reconnected.


In the workplace we can use colour to change the perception of temperature, make a statement, or like with this citrusy yellow and dark green pairing, evoke balance and harmony.

Easy on the eye

Quiet, muted colours make for a subtle background that is more restful to the office worker’s eye, after long hours staring at a computer.


Darker colours, which are often considered more corporate, can add gravitas and intelligence to an office, whilst also drawing the eye to lighter coloured furnishings.

Colour Knowledge Hub

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