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Digital and physical worlds collide to create the hyperreal vibrancy of Metaverse. This insight takes us on a vivid journey back to the future, capturing a vision of tomorrow with a hint of digital nostalgia.

Plug into the Metaverse…

The eclectic neon-inspired palette of Metaverse channels your inner maximalist to create an immersive, bold and disruptive design experience. Re-image digital nostalgia with 80s video game pixelation or become immersed in visions of the futurescape; the Metaverse is endless.

The capabilities of design are infinite

Computer generated imagery, super saturated colours and explosive neon hues clash to celebrate the unity of analogue and digital, creating a hyperreal collection of colours that are modern and extravagant with the ability to transport us to a dream-like landscape that’s sensory and immersive.

Colour proportions

Moody greys and misty pinks extenuate a neutral backdrop, contrasting statement chromatic shades of electric blue, deep aqua and vibrant pink to master the futuristic feeling.

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