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Pour happiness into any space with the uplifting pick-and-mix palette of Joy. Each playful interaction with colour stimulates the senses and captures short magical moments in the everyday.

Get transported to life's little happy moments

Joy offers a glimmer of light relief and escapism, blending bold, bright, subtle and subdued shades to provide moments of pure happiness which elevate moods and bring joy into our existence. Colour is plentiful and applied in abundance using stripes or block patterns on any surface, whether that’s ceilings, walls, fabrics or furniture.

Joy encapsulated short magical moments

This insight recognises the ability of colour to elevate moods, creating positivity through carefully crafted hues, no matter what the setting. As we move away from pandemic life, we understand and appreciate the little happy things found in everyday experience more, such as bubbles, weightlessness and colourful displays.

Colour proportions

Without a hero colour and with a carefully balanced combination of muted and bolder shades in equal proportions, the palette is joyous and uplifting with an element of wonder.

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