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Weave your way to nature through organic earthy hues, shadow effects and natural lights that truly let walls breathe.

Lightness and balance symbolise Breathe

Open walls and fretwork panels are key elements of this insight, combined with a soothing palette of warm terracotta, soft neutrals and desaturated greens to step back into the calmness of nature. The inspiration for patterns comes from natural elements, blending geometric architectural shapes through organic natural patterns and rich intricate oriental designs.

Shadows and light play together, expanding spaces

After life moved indoors, spaces began to feel restricted and lifeless, creating a need for blurred boundaries and expanded spaces. Breathe brings the healing ability of deep breathing to a space, allowing lightness and balance to flow freely through architectural details to capture a true feeling of zen.

Colour proportions

Colours are balanced and soft, featuring warm neutral whites for lightness, tonal terracotta and tan for richness with accents of hazy greens and cool blue.

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