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Abstract Simplicity

Discover a world of cool, calm and de-saturated colours in this soothing palette of neutral shades. Each colour is gentle and harmonising, creating an authentic and well-balanced space of true tranquillity.

Abstract Simplicity is a synonym for tranquility

Together with soft, clean lines and the addition of abstract artwork to uplift smooth flat surfaces, this insight offers an escape to quiet contemplation in a world that often feels non-stop. The combination of curved architecture, soft lighting and neutral tones produce a backdrop that allows shadows to dance, gently creating highlights that accentuate the simple and striking beauty of the space.

The palette is warming, light and neutral

With minimalism and tranquillity at its heart, Abstract Simplicity is built on cosy concepts which sooth the soul. The simplistic approach may have been adopted by designers everywhere for decades, yet with the addition of rounded furniture, natural wooden details and free-flowing lines, this insight is truly elevated.

Colour proportions

Soft neutrals and creams bring warmth and comfort, with a hint of gentle organic green and contrasting unsaturated black-brown to complete the look.

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